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Impact during Covid’19

Reaching children through low-tech solutions: Immediately after the government-mandated lockdown, we set up an IVR system to call parents and designed a daily SMS that would be sent out to parents. During these calls and through these text messages, we provide stories and activities that the parents can conduct with their children. Additionally, 1-hour sessions were conducted daily through Delhi master trainers using Youtube live. We also created short videos to be sent to children across our partner states.

  • 800,000+ parents have signed up for the SMS and automated call service
  • 350,000+ youtube views
  • Regular 40-minute interactive wellbeing sessions/workshops being conducted for 110,000+ teachers across states of Delhi and Uttarakhand.

Stories Of Change

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Class 8th, Student

“ My mind was a mess. I could barely concentrate on what was being taught in class. After the happiness curriculum where I learnt meditation, I am not only able to focus without feeling restless but also understand the concepts being taught. I am no more scared of studies, not even Maths.”

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Mrs. Sushma

Teacher (SKV, Chirag Delhi)

“One of my students is suffering from sclerosis due to which she lacked confidence and always sat in the last bench. But as soon as she started participating in the activities in the happiness class,she started changing for the better. Her confidence has increased gradually and now she enjoys studying and is not afraid to mingle with other students. As her teacher, I am elated to see her come out of her shell.

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Manish Sisodia

Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister

“ It (Happiness Curriculum) enables them (children) to live harmoniously with family and society and is likely to support them in developing a holistic outlook and perspective on life.”

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Parent (Mother of Meenakshi)

“ I am noticing a lot of changes in my daughter since she started attending happiness classes. Earlier she rarely spent time with me. But now she not only spends time with me but also helps with my work.”

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Amita Garg

Master Trainer, Happiness Curriculum, Delhi

“ students have improved in their studies, concentration, self- confidence, emotional competencies, respect for self and others. They are developing a better understanding of themselves, their classmates, their family and almost with everyone. They are spreading happiness all around!”

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class 7th, Student

“There is a big change that I see in myself ever since that happiness class has started in my school. I used to find it impossible to express myself. In the last one year, I have come a long way. Not only do I enjoy studies and play, I have also discovered my creative side. My mind is full of exciting ideas. Recently, I surprised my friends by making necklaces for them.”

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class 8th, Student

“ we all know and expect our mothers to do things for us. In the happiness class, my teacher made me realise how hard my mother works for me and I should also help her. She told me helping her would make her really happy. So I started helping my mother with some daily chores. This makes her happy, and makes me very very happy.”

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“ my daughter used to get very irritable and got upset over little things. She would refuse to help in any work at home. But now I see a big transformation in her. Since the happiness class she has become very caring and helps her mother with housework after returning from school. It gives us a lot of joy to see her participate in the family and also give lessons on happiness to her younger sister.”

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(Class 7)

“When school was closed my sister and I would go to an English cafe for English writing and English speaking lessons. But, I am so thankful that schools have reopened. After such a long tough break I was so happy to meet my friends, my classmates and teachers. It felt so exciting to attend happiness class in person as well. I love reading happiness stories and sharing them with everybody I come across.”

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(Class 7)

“I want to pass the NEET exam with flying colours and become a doctor! I used to be enrolled in a private school. But, due to certain circumstances and the covid pandemic, I had to be shifted to a government school. I was extremely sceptical about where this journey would take me. But now with time, I do not feel like returning home even after school is over for the day. I love my teachers and friends.”