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Join Us

The word “trooper” means a private soldier in a cavalry or armoured unit.

We aim to involve change agents who are passionate about learning, growth and understanding the depths of service. Each and everyone is perfectly eligible for this as long as one believes that change is within reach and carries a growth mindset.

We take pride in our willingness and ability to stick to our core value system or as we call it “DNA” of Labhya, while keeping the process of involving people “self-selective”. We have been able to create a unique, trust based equilibrium for supporting individuals with unconditional love. This family is defined by the DNA Labhya has.

Our focus is solely to create a family where action, maitri (communication, relationships & noble friendship) and chintan (thought) are at the core. We firmly believe in and stick to a NO Hierarchy model where everyone is serving as TEAM LABHYA.

Through Labhya, we wish to create an environment for our volunteers, where they grow as individuals, while creating a ripple for a common cause. We aspire to build a space where everyone believes in empathy and expression. Beyond commitment and zeal, in our experience, it was the provision of a space that they could independently curate without the fear of being judged, that brought them back every week. Hence, we put all our effort in maintaining a healthy environment where individual expression is given a lot of importance. When the need be, we have hen the need be, we have encouraged our troopers (volunteers) to forget the bigger cause but work on their personal satisfaction, because one cannot contribute to the society if they themselves feel dissatisfied. Further, we try to assist them in identifying their niche as creative professionals in the future and also counsel them about their interests in various aspects of the development / social sector.

The core team operates according to the needs of the organisation. Although there is departmentalisation of work, but everybody has to do everything at one point or the other. As they say, birds of a feather flock together :)

You may join us as a 'trooper' in any or all of the following departments:

  • On-ground Coordination: Tracking permissions from government bodies in order to enter more and more schools
  • Curricula Brainstorming, Curation and Building
  • Trooper Induction
  • Field Research: For/In our next partner school/collaboration
  • Fund Raising
  • Social Media
  • Communications
  • Content writing/ Documentation
  • Facilitation
  • A combination of these or any new role that suits your and our needs.

We would love to have you on our team!

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