Our Core Values

Labhya Foundation stands on the pillars of its non-negotiable core-value system. We firmly believe that our purpose, as an organisation is to continuously evolve, self-discover, and therefore identify where our intent is coming from.

We believe that an organisation, just like a family, stands sturdy on people’s ownership towards it, their dedication to grow within and without it, and with utmost honesty.

We acquire many of our values and most of our culture as a learning from the various incredible experiences we have had with our previous organisations.

At Labhya, we nurture

  • The intent towards service
  • Ownership towards a cause
  • Integrity to oneself

Labhya Foundation has dedicatedly designed volunteer interventions in a way that serving communities becomes a path to self-awareness and more importantly, purpose. This gives way to ownership towards what we are trying to go and respect for our transparency.

We take pride in being able to stick to our core value system or as we call it DNA of Labhya, while keeping the process of involving people “self selection” in nature, we have been able to create a unique, unconventional, trust based equilibrium for supporting individuals with unconditional love.

If you believe that change is within reach, support us in our journey